MARSEL® sea salt for the food industry

Consumers are increasingly steering clear of food products with E-numbers and a high ecological footprint. Thankfully, sustainable alternatives are available for most ingredients, including for salt.

MARSEL® sea salt is harvested by harnessing the forces of nature. The sun and the wind see to it that the seawater evaporates in salt basins in a very natural and organic way. We rinse the coarse sea salt using fresh water and break it down into a range of different grain sizes. From extra fine to super coarse. Our own lab literally checks every single grain for impurities and we constantly monitor the quality of our end product: high quality sea salt, ready to be used in all your production lines.

  • The very highest food grade quality (99.8% NaCl)
  • 100% natural product, without E-numbers
  • Perfect for your conventional as well as organic production lines
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