MARSEL® fleur de sel

Top chefs and amateur cooks always have fleur de sel in the kitchen. This 100% natural sea salt has a particularly soft texture and infuses each dish with that exclusive touch.

Fleur de sel literally means 'flower of salt'. It is the first top layer that forms on the water surface of the salt basins. MARSEL® fleur de sel is manually harvested according to ancient tradition, which makes for very limited production quantities.

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Its subtle, gentle flavour is what makes MARSEL® fleur de sel highly suited for finishing grilled meat and fish dishes, salads, pastas, carpaccios, etc. Just a few grains will give you that intense taste sensation.

  • Rich in minerals and trace elements

    Body essentials.

  • Stylish and recognisable packaging

    After all, appearance counts for something too.

  • Wide range

    Fine, coarse, iodised or gourmet... MARSEL® is your go-to partner for all types of sea salt.

  • Natural product without E-numbers

    A worthy addition to your traditional as well as your organic range.

  • Strong Belgian brand

    Enjoyed around the world.

MARSEL®, nature's best sea salt.

MARSEL® turns cooking any meal into a truly enjoyable experience. This unique sea salt with its appealing aspect is a real tastemaker for your dishes and interior! MARSEL® is harvested in a natural and organic manner, aided only by the sun and a gentle, warm sea breeze. Nature at its best.

Product specifications

Grain size

0-4000 µm


  • 125 GR SHAKER


  • Bio-suitable, if without anti-caking
  • BRC
  • IFS
  • Kosher


  • Does not contain additives


Store in a dry place. Minimum shelf life of 3 years.


  • Trailer truck

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