MARSEL® sea salt for the retail sector

Among consumers, sea salt enjoys a much better reputation than kitchen salt. The things they rate most of all about sea salt are its natural origin and the great flavour it brings to food preparations.

In MARSEL® sea salt you are reaping the full benefit of a strong brand that complies with the high expectations of consumers. MARSEL® is entirely harvested in a natural and organic manner, aided only by the sun and a gentle, warm sea breeze. Nature at its best. 

  • Stylish packaging that jumps out on the shelves
  • 100% natural product, without E-numbers
  • A worthy addition to your traditional as well as your organic range

Why incorporate MARSEL® in your retail range?

Which retailer gets the consumer's business? Simple: the one they have the most trust in. You can build up that relationship of trust by opting for strong brands. When it comes to salt, MARSEL® is a reliable choice that will win over your customers. And here's why in 5 reasons.