MARSEL® fine sea salt

Fine sea salt in a range of different packaging sizes and units. 

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MARSEL® fine sea salt is ideal for everyday use in the kitchen.

  • The very highest food grade quality (99.8% NaCl)

    Quite literally every single grain is checked for purity.

  • Rich in minerals and trace elements

    Body essentials.

  • Stylish and recognisable packaging

    After all, appearance counts for something too.

  • Wide range

    Fine, coarse, iodised or gourmet... MARSEL® is your go-to partner for all types of sea salt.

  • Natural product without E-numbers

    A worthy addition to your traditional as well as your organic range.

  • Strong Belgian brand

    Enjoyed around the world.

MARSEL®, nature's best sea salt.

MARSEL® turns cooking any meal into a truly enjoyable experience. This unique sea salt with its appealing aspect is a real tastemaker for your dishes and interior! MARSEL® is harvested in a natural and organic manner, aided only by the sun and a gentle, warm sea breeze. Nature at its best.

Product specifications

Grain size

200-800 µm


  • 125 GR SHAKER
  • 500 GR SHAKER
  • 750 GR SHAKER
  • 1 KG BAGS


  • Bio-suitable, if without anti-caking
  • BRC
  • IFS
  • Kosher


  • Available without additives
  • Available with an anti-caking agent (E535)
  • Available with potassium iodate (iodine)


Store in a dry place


  • Trailer truck

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