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Ready-to-use salt brine versus regular salt

When it comes to processing salt, a lot is involved. You need to monitor the stock - which is particularly challenging with salt that is stored in a silo tank - and order in more stock in timely fashion when needed. In the case of salt in (big) bags, the warehouse attendant needs to unload the trucks and stack the pallets. The operators in turn are required to lug around heavy bags of salt for seasoning. Not very efficient, or ergonomic.

All of these manual duties push up the cost of processing the salt up to many times the price of the actual salt itself. Which makes the cost of processing salt in-house yourself up to 40 percent more expensive than ready-to-use brine. Brine is a solution that consists of water and salt, which can be stored in a simple tank at your site.

Processing salt in-house yourself is up to 40 percent more expensive than ready-to-use brine

The brine is automatically piped through stainless steel piping from the tank to the various production lines. Without involving a single manual action from staff. Growth companies such as Paulig, Vandemoortele and Aigremont have already successfully made the switch from salt packed in bags to ready-to-use brine. 

Their dough and margarine products require a certain amount of water and salt. Brine gives them both ingredients in one. Plus they are also supplying their water softening systems in one and the same process. Staff are happy too, as this does away with the lifting and lugging of heavy bags.

Ready-to-use salt brine versus making your own brine

In some cases, companies will choose to make their own brine, using a salt dissolver for instance. However, this demands a substantial outlay in start-up costs, not to mention frequent maintenance given the corrosion damage caused by the salt dust.

 In addition, consistently obtaining brine with a constant salt concentration is a challenge in its own right. Ready-to-use salt brine sees you get rid of this intermediate step once and for all.

Optimum flavour, minimum effort

All of which makes ready-to-use brine a rewarding alternative for companies with increasing salt and water requirements, who are looking to simplify and render their production process more ergonomic. In MARSEL® LIQUID, Belgian salt producer ZOUTMAN has a food grade salt brine that is supplied ready-to-use in the exact concentration and containing the additives specified by you. 

Moreover, ZOUTMAN monitors the brine level inside the tank 24/7. What’s more, we call round unprompted to replenish the stock as and when required. So you never get caught short of salt again. All of which comes with a minimum of effort.

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