MARSEL® 0-0.2, extra fine and fluid sea salt

Very pure refined EXTRA FINE and fluid sea salt with grain size between 0.15 and 0.3 mm. MARSEL® has excellent flow properties.

MARSEL® 0-0.2 is available in 15 kg and 25 kg bags and in big bags.

Sea salt...

  • is produced ecologically
  • is rich in essential minerals and trace elements
  • is available in various grain sizes
  • is also available without additives
  • has a high gastronomic value and is ideal for all kitchen uses
  • is a strong marketing tool
  • it is a one-to-one replacement for traditional kitchen salt

Discover why MARSEL® is nature's best sea salt and how it's made.

Price enquiry

Typical grain size

150-300 µm


  • Anti caking (E535)
  • Available without additives


  • BRC
  • IFS
  • Kosher
  • Bio-suitable, if without anti caking


MARSEL® 0-0.2 is suitable for both domestic and industrial applications such as the production of snack food (chips, salted biscuits, ...), spice mixes, dairy products (butter, cheese, ...), bakery products, fish products (smokehouses), ...


Technical specifications and safety data sheet

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