ZOUTMAN is an independent Belgian salt producer specialised in processing different types of salt (specialising in sea salt for food applications). Every year, this fast-growing family firm processes and packages 300,000 tons of salt for various applications. The products differ in terms of purity, grain size, moisture content and packaging, all tailored to our clients' requirements.

Thousands of tons of salt are shipped in small packages, sacks or bulk from two strategically located branches with easy access to the water, in Roeselare and Ghent Sea Port. Given the unique logistical location, today this cheap and widely available product is shipped to over 60 countries. ZOUTMAN possesses its own fleet of trucks for guaranteed delivery.

ZOUTMAN distinguishes itself from the competition by a personal service and a fast and efficient operational method, considerable flexibility that all focus on quality and the environment. The firm has proved all this by obtaining BRC / IFS / KOSHERFCA / ISO14001 certification.