• Ready-to-use salt brine from ZOUTMAN wins over Aveno

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    Aveno is well-known producer of oils, fats and margarines. The thriving food company had been hampered by limited capacity at its former production site in Vlaardingen in the Netherlands for some time. As such, it invested in a brand new production facility in the port of Antwerp in 2017. All the machinery was relocated, except for the brining machine, which was not reinstalled. And it is still not up and running a year and a half later, since the temporary solution provided by ZOUTMAN has been to everyone’s liking. The ready-to-use brine from the Roeselare-based company outperforms the brining machine in terms of cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness. Read more

  • 3 tips to drastically save on the costs of salt brine

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    Salt brine is a cost-efficient alternative to dry salt. Making your own salt brine, however, is not as economical as you may think. There’s handling costs, water, storage, maintenance, follow-up, … to pay for, not to mention the fact that the quality of home-made salt brine is anyone’s guess. Opting for ready-to-use brine in combination with a brine tank can be up to seven times cheaper than using a brine maker. What’s more, you can always play it extra safe by renting your brine tank. Read on to discover our expert’s three tips to save on your salt brine costs.

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  • 5 reasons why salt crystals are an interesting alternative for salt tablets

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    When choosing water softener salt, it is always the same dilemma: should you choose crystals or tablets? To put paid to any misconceptions in this respect, ZOUTMAN had both products thoroughly tested by a laboratory. The result may come as a surprise: salt crystals score equally well on all fronts, and sometimes even better than tablets. In addition, they are more environmentally-friendly and their price-quality ratio is often slightly better. Here are the results of the laboratory study laid bare. Read more

  • Pure, ecological high-quality sea salt? All inside each grain of MARSEL!

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    Chips, cheese, spice mixes or bread? Sea salt always adds the finishing touch. Sea salt not only emphasises the flavour of your dish more than ordinary cooking salt, it also contains more minerals and is kinder to the environment. Discover MARSEL, a real winner among sea salts. Read more