SOFT-SEL® COMFORT - ergonomically-packed ‘2 in 1’ salt

posted on 15.06.2018

SOFT-SEL® Comfort is a special salt that can be used both for swimming pools and water softeners. As such, ZOUTMAN, the only Belgian salt producer, has a product that is quite successful in the DIY market. Two of the product’s main assets are its purity and its sustainability.


ZOUTMAN has been producing SOFT-SEL® for several years already. This range of salt products for water softening is excellently suited for the regeneration of ion exchange resins. The various high-grade products, which are available as crystals or blocks/tablets, come in several different types of packaging and can be used for domestic and industrial purposes.

There is a noticeable shift in the market for salt products for water softening. Whereas most customers traditionally chose to use salt tablets, ZOUTMAN noticed a substantial growth in the demand for salt crystals. Thanks to ZOUTMAN's many years of experience in this segment and the continuous investment in the refinery in Roeselare, ZOUTMAN was able to develop the newest product in the SOFT-SEL® range: SOFT-SEL® COMFORT.


With SOFT-SEL® Comfort ZOUTMAN has a product that is formulated using very pure granulated salt, free of any additives. This ‘2 in 1’ salt can be used for both water softening and swimming pools. What’s more, ZOUTMAN is also responding to the trend for more compact water softening installations. The brine tanks of these compact installations have a smaller capacity, so therefore ZOUTMAN developed ergonomic 15 kg bags, which come with a handle.

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SOFT-SEL® Comfort is a very compact salt, meaning the end user has to top up with salt much less often compared with salt blocks/tablets. This sustainable product has been produced in an environmentally-friendly manner, reducing the risk of blockages in water softeners. The product’s excellent solubility thanks to the specially-developed granule, is also an asset.

SOFT-SEL® Comfort fulfils all the strictest quality requirements, complies with biocide legislation and meets consumer demand for convenience. Distributors will also like this product, as it offers a solution for both water softeners and swimming pools (electrochlorination).

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