What is the NATRUE hallmark?

Consumers are attaching increasingly greater importance to the green, organic, sustainable or natural credentials of the products they buy.  And this does not just apply to food products. In the world of cosmetics and personal grooming products, this has become extremely important.

This is why the international NATRUE standard was set up in Brussels in 2007, with the aim of fostering and protecting natural and organic personal grooming products and cosmetics worldwide.

Both cosmetic products as basic ingredients for cosmetics and personal grooming products are eligible to be awarded the NATRUE label. All certified products are listed in NATRUE’s online public database, a practical reference platform for consumers and food producers alike.

Our products

Delivering top quality is ZOUTMAN’s main priority. Which explains why it was imperative that we obtain the NATRUE quality certificate, your guarantee that you are getting a 100% dependable basic ingredient for cosmetic and personal grooming products.

In addition to qualifying as food-grade salt, MARSEL® sea salt is also a natural basic ingredient for a whole range of beauty products. Our therapeutic bath salt marketed under the PSOTRAMIL® brand name is sourced from the Dead Sea as a purely natural product that is completely free of harmful elements.

Further details on NATRUE: www.natrue.org.

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