ZOUTMAN lanceert zijn bekende zoutproducten MARSEL® en SOFT-SEL® in vloeibare vorm.

Benefits of ready-to-use salt brine

Processing salt can be a cumbersome and time-consuming task. Food grade salt or salt for water softening is usually ordered in bags. In addition to having to unload and stack the pallets in storage, an employee is required to lug and lift heavy bags around, cut them open and pour them out. Not very efficient, or ergonomic.

ZOUTMAN believes there is an easier way. Using ready-to-use salt brine does away with all of these manual and cumbersome actions. ZOUTMAN delivers the brine in ready-to-use condition to the customer’s production site, where it is stored in a simple storage tank. From the tank, the brine is automatically piped to the various production lines and water softening systems. Without involving a single manual action from staff. Which means substantial savings on payroll costs and a major improvement of shop floor ergonomics.

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Automatic subsequent deliveries

The icing on the cake are the automatic subsequent deliveries ZOUTMAN is happy to provide.  Using a pressure probe on the tank, the customer gets to monitor the salt level in the tank anytime, anywhere. Whenever the minimum stock level is reached, ZOUTMAN get in touch with the customer to schedule a new delivery. ZOUTMAN’s drivers come out to deliver the brine, handling everything from A to Z by themselves. This real-time stock monitoring means purchasing staff are completely unburdened, whilst production continuity is guaranteed.


Captained by brothers Bart and Peter Sobry, ZOUTMAN has specialised in sea salt over the past 30 years, shipping up to 450,000 tonnes of salt to over 60 countries around the globe. ZOUTMAN supplies both food grade salt and salt for water treatment, agricultural salt, road salt and technical salts. At the port of Ghent, ZOUTMAN runs the largest salt terminal of all the European ports.