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    Everything you need to know about salt that is suitable for biocides

    In the European member states, there are strict laws in force on biocides. The so-called biocidal products regulation (BPR, Regulation (EU) 528/2012) concerns the use of biocides as protection against harmful organisms, such as pests or bacteria and more specifically on the effect of the active ingredients in the biocide. The directive includes among other things that not all salts may be used for making biocides (chlorine). So, which type of salt is suitable for biocides? Here is an overview.

    biocidegeschikt zoutSalt and biocides – what is the connection?

    When making a biocide such as chlorine on site, a precursor is essential. Put simply, this is a substance that precedes another substance. Salt (sodium chloride), and more specifically salt that is used for electrochlorination, is a precursor for making chlorine.

    There is European legislation on precursors too

    While the European legislation initially seemed to be vague about precursors, since 1 September 2015 precursors for creating biocides have needed to be registered. Ever since then it has been forbidden to use salt that does not appear on the list of registered products (ECHA Art. 95) for electrochlorination. Nevertheless, we recommend that as a user or seller of precursors you remain alert. Salts that are not suitable for biocides still appear from time to time. Anyone who uses or sells these, whether knowingly or not, is also held responsible.

    How do I know which salt is suitable for biocides?

    Do you want to be 100% certain that you are purchasing or selling salt that is suitable for biocides? The best thing to do is to ask your supplier for a certificate. In the Belgian market, you only need to look at the notification number on the product. This is stated on the packaging by law. All items with the description ‘Notif’ combined with a four-digit code are suitable for biocides.

    ZOUTMAN – range of products suitable for biocides

    Anyone who is looking for a safe and high-quality precursor for electrochlorination can always rely on ZOUTMAN. The following products are 100% suitable for biocides:

    • SOFT-SEL PLUSS: for swimming pools and water softeners. Round tablets. Suitable for membrane electrolysis.
    • SOFT-SEL COMFORT: for swimming pools and water softeners. 2-In-1 product. Can be used for salt electrolysis.
    • POOLSEL: only suitable for swimming pools. Intended for salt electrolysis.