POOLSEL® swimming pool salt

POOLSEL® is swimming pool salt for chlorine generation by way of electrolysis. This ensures heightened swimming comfort and helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and algae. POOLSEL® is a 100% natural product. For one thing, it does not contain any additives such as anti-caking agents for instance, a substance which can seriously damage your swimming pool.

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Suitable for the treatment of swimming pool water by way of an electrochlorinator. For swimming pools that are cleaned by way of membrane electrolysis, we recommend SOFT-SEL® PLUSS.

  • The number 1 in the Benelux and Germany

    This swimming pool salt sets the standard.

  • 100% natural product

    Contains no additives such as anti-caking agents.

  • Tested for safety

    Complies with the mandatory EU biocide directive.

  • Highest quality guarantee (EN 16401 type A)

    POOLSEL® prevents your swimming pool from sustaining damage.

  • Belgian quality

    Excellent customer service included.

Remember the EU Biocides Directive!

Only swimming pool salt which complies with the Biocides Directive has been extensively tested for safety and may be used with peace of mind. The use of unregistered swimming pool salt has been banned.

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Product specifications

Grain size

1000-4500 µm


  • 15 KG BAGS
  • 25 KG BAGS


  • EN 16401 Type A
  • BPR 528/2012


  • Does not contain additives


Store in a dry place


  • Trailer truck
  • Silo truck

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