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  • How ready-to-use salt brine helped automate margarine producer Aigremont

    Oils and fats are products with a narrow profit margin, so manufacturers can only maintain their market position by automating. Margarine and fats producer Aigremont recently carried out a comprehensive optimisation of its production processes. As a result, salt, an essential ingredient in margarine, was replaced by salt brine – a decision that was quickly extended to their water softeners. “The added value of salt brine is unrivalled”, claims the margarine factory.

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  • Ready-to-use salt brine from ZOUTMAN wins over Aveno

    Aveno is well-known producer of oils, fats and margarines. The thriving food company had been hampered by limited capacity at its former production site in Vlaardingen in the Netherlands for some time. As such, it invested in a brand new production facility in the port of Antwerp in 2017. All the machinery was relocated, except for the brining machine, which was not reinstalled. And it is still not up and running a year and a half later, since the temporary solution provided by ZOUTMAN has been to everyone’s liking. The ready-to-use brine from the Roeselare-based company outperforms the brining machine in terms of cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness. Read more