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    Will grass juice replace road salt?

    Will grass juice replace road salt? snow traffic jam

    A Dutch trial project is investigating whether road salt can be replaced by grass juice. Grass juice would be a more environmentally-friendly alternative to salt. At ZOUTMAN, we are 100% supportive of sustainable innovations. That is why ZOUTMAN resolutely opts for sea salt to be used on roads. Salt extraction from the sea is one of the world’s oldest traditions and requires nothing more than the sun, sea and wind. You can’t get any more ecological.

    The processing of grass juice to create a practical road salt product, however, goes hand-in-hand with high energy consumption and significant logistical expenses. The grass juice, which only has a very low concentration of salt, must first be transported from all corners of the country to the processing factory. Additionally, extra ordinary salt must be added in order to make sure the juice is of a high enough concentration.

    That is why ZOUTMAN is opting for sea salt, now and in the near-future, as the most ecological, economic and high-performance substance for eliminating ice on the roads.

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