ZOUTMAN leads the digitalisation of the logistics sector -

posted on 29.06.2018

ZOUTMAN is involved in the development of digitisation of the logistics sector. It is one of the first companies in Belgium to work with e-CMR, the digital version of the paper consignment note that is required to be present in every truck during transport.


While pilot projects with e-CMR are succeeding one after another at a rapid pace in other European countries, Belgian companies continue to wait and see how the market develops. “At ZOUTMAN, we nevertheless decided to start working with the electronic consignment note right away”, says Wouter Lambert, logistics manager at the company. “Because of the e-CMR, we not only avoid a huge administrative burden, but also a useless mountain of paper. This fits perfectly within our policy of sustainable and digital entrepreneurship.

ZOUTMAN indeed has a strong reputation when it comes to digitising business processes. It was already a forerunner in 2007 with the use of PLDA (Paperless Customs and Excises) and has had fully digitised invoicing for several years. “ZOUTMAN did not want to wait for everyone else, so they took the leap. It is by far the most active company in the e-CMR project”, says Barry van Leuven of Pionira NV, which developed the e-CMR platform for ZOUTMAN. “It is a mystery to me why so many companies wait for the market, because the electronic consignment note can reduce the logistical administrative burden by up to 75%.”


At ZOUTMAN, half of all consignment notes are already being generated digitally as we speak. ZOUTMAN drivers are equipped with an iPad when they make deliveries, and they let the recipient sign off digitally. Seconds later, the customer receives all the necessary documents in their inbox. “The e-CMR is not only useful for ZOUTMAN, but also for our customers. All documents are immediately available and always filled in correctly. We receive nothing but positive feedback”, Wouter Lambert concludes.

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