Discover the MARSEL® high-quality salt grinder

posted on 19/06/2019

Stylish, tasteful and sustainable. This MARSEL® salt grinder combines the power of high-quality, refined sea salt with a well thought-out design. The MARSEL® salt grinder is refillable with a ceramic grinder: much stronger than plastic so it will last much longer than traditional salt grinders. Moreover, there is no risk whatsoever of broken-off bits of plastic getting onto your plate.

Once ground, the coarse sea salt - with no additives - gives a surprising variety of flavour and structure. And always with the unmistakably soft, pure character of MARSEL® sea salt. From the deep blue accents to the shape of the grinder head: this new salt grinder is not to be missed. You will be proud to have it on your table. With the matching pepper grinder too, of course.

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