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    4 reasons to include the new SOFT-SEL CRYSTALS in 15 kg packaging in your product range

    4 reasons to include water softener salt in 15 kg packaging in your product range 4 reasons to include water softener salt in 15 kg packaging in your product range

    Salt crystals for water softeners are a huge success these days in DIY stores, wholesalers and specialised webshops. And that should come as no surprise, since salt crystals have an excellent price-quality ratio and are more environmentally friendly than salt tablets. Manufacturer ZOUTMAN recently launched SOFT-SEL® CRYSTALS in 15 kg packaging on the market, to meet this increasing demand. Find out here why it’s a good idea to include this new format in your product range!

    1.    It’s more ergonomic.

    Not every consumer is keen on hauling 25 kilogram packs around. Fortunately, our 15 kg packaging is more ergonomic, which is easier on consumers’ backs. In addition, the packaging makes it easier to replenish the water softener, and takes into account the trend towards more compact water softeners with a smaller salt capacity.

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    2.    It’s easier to carry thanks to the convenient handle.

    Bags of salt are generally shapeless, or take on the shape of the salt, meaning that they are difficult to grip for consumers. Our convenient handle helps make the bags more comfortable to carry, and therefore easier to transport.

    3.    It’s suitable for every type of water softener.

    Water softeners are available in many different versions and formats. Consumers may then often wonder which type of salt is suitable for which appliance. With SOFT-SEL® CRYSTALS, uncertainty is eliminated: the salt crystals are suitable for every type of water softener – both for domestic and industrial water softeners.

    Not only is that good news for consumers, but also for you as a distributor. Your product range remains clear and easy to manage and you can always recommend the right solution to consumers.

    4.    You and your customer are reassured of the highest quality.

    SOFT-SEL® CRYSTALS is food-grade water softener salt. The product scores excellently in purity tests, and performs much better than the strictest quality requirements. As such, as a distributor, you can be sure that you are offering end customers salt crystals of the highest quality, also in handy 15 kg packaging.

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