SOFT-SEL® CRYSTALS, salt crystals

As a 100% natural product, SOFT-SEL® CRYSTALS is the ultimate reference product for water softening salt. Many other brands on the market are chemically purified and compressed salts. SOFT-SEL® CRYSTALS on the other hand do not contain any additives and are produced only using fresh water. This makes these salt crystals an altogether more ecological as well as better value alternative to salt tablets.

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SOFT-SEL® CRYSTALS are suitable for all types of water softener, domestic as well as industrial. If you are looking to soften potable water or water intended for the food industry, SOFT-SEL® CRYSTALS gives you the best quality guarantee.

  • 100% natural product

    Contains no additives.

  • Seasonable alternative for salt tablets

    More ecological as well as better value.

  • The ultimate reference for softening salt

    These salt crystals have raised the bar.

  • Dissolution rate champion

    Soft water at all times, including at peak times.

  • Belgian quality

    Excellent customer service included.

  • Exceeds the strictest standard (EN 973 type A)

    Softening salt of food grade quality.

SOFT-SEL CRYSTALS is available in ergonomic 10 and 15 kg bags

Greater carrying comfort

Good news for those who do not enjoy having to lug around 25 kilo salt bags SOFT-SEL® CRYSTALS is available in ergonomic 10 and 15 kg bags, which makes replenishing your softener a lot easier. Your back will thank you!

Product specifications

Grain size

4000-15000 µm


  • 10 KG BAGS
  • 15 KG BAGS
  • 25 KG BAGS
  • 1000 KG BIG BAG
  • 1250 KG BIG BAG


  • EN 973 type A


  • Does not contain additives


Store in a dry place


  • Trailer truck

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