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    Tips for correct storing road salt and salt brine

    storage of road salt

    When the temperature starts to fall, roads, paths and steps become more slippery and dangerous. De-icing products such as road salt and salt brine come in very useful at these times. But how should you store road salt and salt brine? Here are a few tips for safe storage.

    Why should you store de-icing products?

    Since the weather is unpredictable, it’s best to stock up on road salt. When the temperature suddenly drops to freezing and you have to go out and buy some, then it’s too late. Good quality, dry salt does not lose its de-icing properties, however long you store it. Furthermore, when you order before winter sets in, you benefit from low prices

    What should you pay attention to when storing road salt?

    Firstly, you should always choose good quality and importantly – dry road salt. Other types of road salt have a short shelf-life and can stick together.

    When you buy road salt in sacks, these should be kept dry and in a covered place so they are not exposed to rain or snow. This is because when salt absorbs moisture, it sticks together.

    Of course, you should also store dry salt in bulk in a place that is free of humidity. Furthermore, the type of surface is very important, as road salt is corrosive and so it can corrode certain materials. When storing salt in bulk, it is also important that you leave enough room to manoeuvre for when you can have your salt delivered.

    A road salt container is ideal for storing salt if you do not need to have large quantities on hand. Restaurants, shops or office buildings with an outdoor car park should make sure that they are equipped with a road salt container. These are practical too because you can have small quantities of road salt delivered in bulk in this kind of container.

    Using salt brine for de-icing

    Salt brine is perfectly suited to removing ice from car parks, roads and similar areas. However, it is also important that you have a good storage system for this. For instance, you can hire a salt brine tank from Liqson.

    Salt guarantee

    Are you unable to store salt on your premises? Or perhaps you do not want to run the risk of contamination in your storage area? Then take out a salt guarantee with ZOUTMAN. We will store your salt for you at a favourable ‘rental price’. This means that you will not need to invest heavily in storage and will not have to deal with any left-overs after winter.