SALCO 4-15, technical salt

Dried and refined pure salt for technical applications.

SALCO, our technical or industrial salt, has various applications. Among other things, it is used as drilling salt on oil rigs or for refining at oil refineries. On the other hand, industrial salt is also used in fish processing or fishery and for hide treatment. In fishery, the salt is used to cure fish. In hide treatment, the hides are covered with several kilos of salt for hide treatment to remove the moisture and kill the bacteria.

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SALCO 4-15 is suitable for use in technical applications such as oil refineries.

  • Dried and calibrated
  • Based on very pure salt

Product specifications

Grain size

3500-15000 µm


  • 25 KG BAGS
  • 1000 KG BIG BAG


Store in a dry place


  • Trailer truck
  • Tipper
  • Silo truck

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