SOFT-SEL® RESIN CLEANER is a universal cleaner for resins of all types of water softener and may be combined with all types of salt. This resin cleaner is part of the famous SOFT-SEL® range and your guarantee of a high-quality product!

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Why use a resin cleaner? As time goes by, iron and mineral residue accumulates in your water softener. This causes various problems:

  1. reduced water flow
  2. diminished capacity of your water softener
  3. as a consequence, you face sky-rocketing salt consumption
  4. which in turn causes nasty smells and a bad taste in the water
  5. and produces unwanted microorganisms inside the tank

SOFT-SEL® RESIN CLEANER removes these iron and mineral residues, which ensures your water softener continues to deliver optimum performance and will last longer to boot! We recommend cleaning your resins once a month. SOFT-SEL® RESIN CLEANER is safe for your water softener and does not affect the various components or the resin.

  • No more bad tasting water

    Iron and mineral residues are expertly removed.

  • Removes microorganisms

    No more unwanted ‘guests’ in your water.

  • Good for your water softener

    More efficient action and longer service life.

  • Belgian quality

    Excellent customer service included.

Product specifications


  • 1 L BOTTLE
  • 5 L BOTTLE
  • 1000 L BOX

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