SOFT-SEL® GRANULAR, salt crystals

SOFT-SEL® GRANULAR is your guarantee of soft water, not to mention shining dishes. The thing is, you can use this softening salt in softeners that operate with granular salt, as well as in any type of dishwasher.

The bulk of the softening salt on the market is chemically purified and compressed. SOFT-SEL® GRANULAR on the other hand is a 100% natural product which does not contain any artificial additives such as anti-caking agents.

SOFT-SEL® is softening salt of food grade quality. Giving you soft and pure water without a care at all times. The high purity level of SOFT-SEL® softening salt makes sure your installation works better and enjoys a longer service life.

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SOFT-SEL® GRANULAR can be used in domestic or industrial softeners that operate with granular salt. In addition, SOFT-SEL® GRANULAR lends itself to being used in any type of dishwasher.

  • 100% natural product

    Contains no artificial additives.

  • Exceeds the strictest standard (EN 973 type A)

    Softening salt of food grade quality.

  • Seasonable alternative for salt tablets

    More ecological as well as better value.

  • Belgian quality

    Excellent customer service included.

Product specifications

Grain size

3150-6000 µm


  • 25 KG BAGS


  • EN 973 type A
  • DIN 19604
  • AFNOR T90-612


  • Does not contain additives


Store in a dry place


  • Trailer truck

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