MARSEL® portion sachets

From Belgian fries all the way up to gourmet dishes: surprise your customers with naturally harvested sea salt and black pepper in stylish individual sachets. MARSEL® offers discerning foodies a better quality alternative to the unexciting salt and pepper in other sachet portions. Without additives. For guaranteed culinary success that meets the strict hygiene requirements in the new normal.

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MARSEL® individual sachets are ideal for the hospitality industry, caterers and on-the-go.

  • The very highest food grade quality (99.8% NaCl)

    Quite literally every single grain is checked for purity.

  • Hygienic

    A must in corona times.

  • Rich in minerals and trace elements

    Body essentials.

  • Stylish and recognisable packaging

    After all, appearance counts for something too.

  • Natural product without E-numbers

    A worthy addition to your traditional as well as your organic range.

  • Strong Belgian brand

    Enjoyed around the world.

Deliver the full experience

Enrich your range with MARSEL® fleur de sel, one of the world's most exclusive salts. Fleur de sel is the thin delicate top crust that forms on the seawater in the salt pans on hot summer days. This hand harvested sea salt is praised and coveted for its soft texture and subtle taste.

Attractive dispensers

The matching dispensers are very easy to use and an instant eye catcher. This dispenser gives your customers a delightful tastemaker that will spice up interiors and dishes. Covering both bases all at once!

Product specifications

Grain size

200-800 µm


  • 140 GR KARTON
  • 500 GR KARTON


  • Bio
  • BRC
  • IFS
  • Kosher


  • Available without additives


Store in a dry place


  • Available in practical and attractive dispensers

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