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    Salt for hide treatment: choose impeccable quality

    Salt quality also makes a difference for the treatment of hides. In this article, we have brought together a few useful pointers.

    Salt is needed for the treatment of animal hides

    Before animal hides can be processed into a high-quality end product, they need to be treated with salt. A large quantity of salt is sprinkled onto the pre-cleaned animal hide. Cattle hide, for instance, needs between 10 kg and 12 kg of salt per hide. The salt absorbs moisture, which inhibits the growth of bacteria, from the hide. Furthermore, salt prevents deterioration, which means the hide will remain in a good condition. If necessary, this process is repeated several times.

    Why choose salt for hide treatment from ZOUTMAN?

    The high purity of the salt for hide treatment is exceptionally effective against the deterioration process. This is good for the end product.

    ZOUTMAN offers salt for hide treatment with:

    • perfectly aligned grains
    • stable moisture content
    • a minimum amount of impurities (stones, shells, etc.).

    It is important that you choose a pure and high-quality salt for hide treatment, such as SALCO 0-1 or SALCO 1-3. The finer grain salt is primarily used for delicate animal hides (such as sheepskins, lambskins and calfskins). The coarser salt is exceptionally suitable for the treatment of cattle hides.

    Salt for hide treatment with borax

    For very delicate animal hides, we recommend salt for hide treatment with borax.

    • Fine salt with the addition of 2% or 3% of sodium borate.
    • Very delicate hides are treated with fine salt to prevent spoilage or deterioration.
    • Borax provides extra value particularly during warmer periods.