Salt for water treatment

Salt for water treatment is applied in both industrial and domestic environments. Too much calcium in the water can cause blockages in water pipes, both in sanitary pipes and pipes for domestic and industrial appliances. Just think of water softeners, water conditioners and dishwashers. Lime scale can be removed using water softener salt and regeneration salt. At ZOUTMAN you can find salt crystals, granular salt, various salt tablets, salt blocks etc. Our dishwasher salt guarantees a long(er) life for your dishwasher.

For treating swimming pool water, we supply POOLSEL® swimming pool salt and SOFT-SEL® COMFORT. This salt is essential for the production of chlorine by electrolysis. Do you work with membrane electrolysis? Then the best choice for you is SOFT-SEL® PLUSS salt tablets. Finally, at ZOUTMAN, you will also find brine for water treatment.