De-icing salt

Grit salt or de-icing salt is the most efficient way to control ice on the road. SAFE ROAD de-icing salt by ZOUTMAN is effective up to -12 °C and is perfect for de-icing pavements, parking lots and roads. Our de-icing salt can be ordered and delivered in individual packets or in bulk. In addition to de-icing salt, ZOUTMAN also supplies brine. With a concentration of 23% NaCl, the brine works quickly and efficiently up to -21 °C.

Other de-icing agents include NOCOR granules, SALCO -18 grit and calcium chloride. NOCOR is a solid granulate for de-icing corrosion-sensitive materials such as concrete, aluminium and steel. It is mainly used on runways, railways, scaffolding, etc. An extra tip: Use our road salt containers to store your de-icing salt and to protect it from the cold.