New biocide regulation effects salt -

posted on 08.09.2015

For quite some time, there has been a strict legal framework in Europe for the production, storage and commercialization of biocides (disinfectants). For precursors however, the legislation was rather vague. This changed.

From now on, salt - sodium chloride -, more specifically salt for electrolysis, will be considered a precursor for the in situ production of a biocide (namely chlorine). The new law has a direct influence on the choice of salt for electrolysis chlorinators (for example pool chlorinators, as well as specific types of water softeners).

This means that from the 1st of September 2015, it is no longer allowed to use salt for chlorination, which is not on the registered products list (ECHA Art. 95 list).

As a key supplier, ZOUTMAN took all measures to comply with this new legislation. In a first phase, ZOUTMAN is already added to the list of registered producers.


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