Zoutman Saltipedia

    The purest salt for fish processing

    ZOUTMAN has developed SALCO FISHERY especially for the fish processing industry. This kind of salt is very well suited for salting fish and making brine.

    What is SALCO FISHERY?

    SALCO FISHERY is a sustainably produced sea salt, just like the other types of salt offered by ZOUTMAN. It is used for all manner of applications in the fish processing industry. It is made from very pure sea salt that has been dried at 400 °C to a stable level of humidity. This specific drying process eliminates bacteria.

    Further benefits of this salt are:

    • White sea salt
    • Available in various grain sizes
    • Precise and consistent grain size
    • Consistent high quality
    • Stable level of humidity, less than 0.5%
    • Available with or without additives
    • Minimal amount of isolubilities
    • Provides a clear brine
    • BRC/IFS/GMP/Kosher certified
    • Extracted and processed in an ecological and sustainable manner

    Other salts for fish processing

    ZOUTMAN recommends MARSEL® food salt for preparations based on fish and for smoking fish. MARSEL® is a refined sea salt with a very high level of purity that is also available in various grain sizes. The ideal grain sizes for these applications are 0-1 and 0.8-1.2.

    ZOUTMAN is BRC, IFS and Kosher certified and has a professionally equipped laboratory.