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    9 uses of salt when selling your home

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    Selling your home can be expensive, especially when it comes to fixing or updating any superficial imperfections ready for people to look around. Rather than opt for expensive products to resolve these problems, try our top 9 ways of using salt to improve your house for next to nothing.

    1. Eliminate drain odours

    Drain smells are pretty unpleasant and could deter potential buyers from putting in an offer, as they may assume there is an expensive drain problem. To prevent sink drains from smelling and stop grease from accumulating, regularly flush with a strong salt brine.

    2. Remove rust

    Do you have rust forming in your bathroom? This could put potential buyers off as they might think they need to shell out for a brand new suite. To make sure your bathroom is looking its best, make a paste from salt and cream of tartar and rub onto rust spots. Once dry, remove the paste and polish with a dry cloth.

    3. Get rid of water rings

    Is your wooden kitchen work surface plagued with ring marks? Remove them by rubbing with a paste of salt and vegetable oil.

    4. Repairing walls

    Everyone has a chip in one of their walls that they’ve been meaning to repair for months, but if you don’t do it before people view your house, they could assume there is a bigger problem, such as damp. Fill these holes or chips, by mixing two tablespoons each of salt and corn starch with enough water to create a thick paste. Voila, (almost) free filler!

    5. Keep windows frost free

    Rub windows with salt water to avoid them frosting over in cold weather.

    6. De-ice paths and driveways

    Avoid the horror of possible buyers falling over when viewing your property, by sprinkling paths with rock salt to prevent ice forming.

    7. Kill grass growing between patios

    Garden looking a bit worse for wear? For an easy, chemical-free removal of unwanted grass between paving slabs, sprinkle with salt followed by very hot water.

    8. Destroy poison ivy

    Poison ivy growing in your garden could deter people from purchasing your house. To rid your outside space of this weed, add 1-1.5 kg of salt to about 5 litres of soapy water and spray over the leaves and stems.

    9. Ant deterrent

    Ant problem? Don’t let this put people off – shake salt around doors and windows to prevent ants from entering your house. A cheap, insect friendly solution to a common problem.

    If these nifty tricks don’t help you to sell your house fast, consider using a property buying company (such as Potrell) to buy your house quickly for cash.

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