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    Pure, ecological high-quality sea salt? All inside each grain of MARSEL!

    Chips, cheese, spice mixes or (industrial) bread? Sea salt always adds the finishing touch. Sea salt not only emphasises the flavour of your dish more than ordinary cooking salt, it also contains more minerals and is kinder to the environment. Discover MARSEL, a real winner among sea salts.

    MARSEL: nature’s best sea salt.

    MARSEL stands for quality. With the greatest care we select this natural product so that you can be sure of an extremely pure sea salt. Furthermore, MARSEL is exceptionally white and by nature available in various grain sizes. The coarse texture of this sea salt guarantees a more intense taste sensation. All in all, MARSEL is a must for every application.

    Eco-friendly through and through.

    MARSEL is proud of its tiny environmental footprint, and rightly so. We use completely natural methods to extract this sea salt. When the sun evaporates sea water in salt ponds, it forms a crust of salt that is ready to be harvested. This is a traditional, centuries-old processing technique that ZOUTMAN now honours in its ultramodern production unit. We combine craftsmanship and production techniques which enable us to constantly guarantee the high-quality and product safety of our salt.

    Made with love in a Belgian family-run firm.

    MARSEL is available in various handy packages, ranging from robust big bags to easy-to-handle bags and practical consumer packaging including salt shakers and small bags. Everything is 100% ‘made in Belgium’!

    Sea salt is available without additives.

    We give the greatest of care to selecting our sea salt for its purity and it is available without anti-caking agents or other additives. So, sea salt is suitable for use in the production of organic or clean label products.

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