SOFT-SEL® PLUSS, round salt tablets

Round salt tablets for water softeners, for the regeneration of ion exchange resins.

SOFT-SEL®, the guarantee for soft water.

  • SOFT-SEL® PLUSS salt tablets are made from very pure salt.
  • SOFT-SEL® PLUSS is appropriate for the treatment of drinking water and water used to manufacture food products.
  • The cylindrical shape of the salt stimulates a regular brine production and prevents clumping and sedimentation.
  • SOFT-SEL® PLUSS is suitable for all types of water softeners.
  • SOFT-SEL® PLUSS is suitable for membrane electrolysis
  • SOFT-SEL® PLUSS meets the European standard EN 973 type A.
  • SOFT-SEL® PLUSS contains no chemicals or other binding agents.

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Typical grain size

Round salt tablets with dimensions 25 x 25 x 12 mm


  • EN 973 Type A
  • DIN 19604
  • AFNOR T90-612
  • EN 16401 Type A
  • EN 16370
  • EN 14805


SOFT-SEL® PLUSS is made of very pure salt and has been developed especially for the softening of water for human consumption and water used in the food industry. For use in both domestic and industrial appliances.

SOFT-SEL® PLUSS is also suitable for swimming pools using membrane electrolysis.


Technical specifications and safety data sheet

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