POOLSEL®, salt for swimming pools

Salt for swimming pools for the production of chlorine by salt electrolysis. POOLSEL is a very pure refined sea salt with a low sulphate content. POOLSEL is not suitable for membrane electrolysis.

  • very pure sea salt without additives
  • rapid and regular solubility
  • economic and recyclable system
  • provides a cleaner and clearer pool water
  • prevents algae and bacterial formation
  • less irritations and prevents dry skin
  • suitable for all brands of electrochlorinators

ry pure sea salt without additives.
Rapid and regular solubility.
Economic and recyclable system.
Provides a cleaner and clearer pool water.
Prevents algae and bacterial formation.
Less irritations and prevents dry skin.
Suitable for all brands of electrochlorinators
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Typical grain size

1000-4500 µm


  • EN 16401 Type A


POOLSEL® is suitable for both domestic and industrial applications.
POOLSEL® is suitable for swimmings pools / salt electrolysis, but not for membrane electrolysis.


Technical specifications and safety data sheet

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