MARSEL® refillable salt and pepper grinder

The stylish MARSEL® salt and pepper grinders combine the power of nature's best sea salt and organic black pepper with a smart design. The MARSEL® grinders are easy to refill and have a ceramic grinding mechanism. Ceramic is much stronger than plastic, making these quality grinders more flexible than traditional grinders and guaranteeing you the perfect grain size. This way, you always get the best flavours from your salt and pepper. Moreover, there is no risk whatsoever of broken-off bits of plastic getting on to your plate. 

From the deep blue accents to the shape of the grinder head: these new salt and pepper grinders are not to be missed. You will be proud to have them on your table. 

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MARSEL® coarse sea salt in high-quality grinder

Extracted from an inexhaustible and renewable source, MARSEL® is a refined, dried and high quality sea salt. It is obtained through natural evaporation of sea water in warm regions. Thanks to the combined effect of wind and sun, a salt crust is formed, which is harvested after the summer. 

Grind this pure sea salt, which does not contain any additives, with the MARSEL® high-quality grinders for a surprising variety of flavours and structures in your dishes.

MARSEL® organic black pepper in high-quality grinder

MARSEL® organic black pepper is a beautiful addition to our assortment of MARSEL® sea salt. The peppercorns are of superior quality and 100% organic. 


Salt and pepper are not secondary, boring products. They deserve attractive packaging. The MARSEL® salt and pepper grinders are available in packs of 6 in a stylish cardboard display box.

The boxes are based on the familiar MARSEL® colours and house style. Thus the grinders immediately catch the eye on the shelves of the shop and will easily win over your customers. Refilling the MARSEL® salt grinders with coarse sea salt is easy, using the 6 kg refill buckets or 1kg bags.


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Typical grain size

Marsel® coarse sea salt: 2000 – 4000 µm


  • No additives


  • IFS


Technical specifications and safety data sheet

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