MARSEL® fine sea salt in 750 g shaker

Standard packaging:

  • 750 g shaker with cardboard bottom
  • dimensions: 175 mm x 73 mm ø
  • 15 pieces in shelf-ready box (376 x 230 x 184 mm)
  • 72 boxes / pallet
  • 1080 pieces / pallet
  • delivered on Europallets
  • other packaging (private label) on demand

Product description:

Extracted from an inexhaustible and renewable source, MARSEL® is a refined, dried and high quality
sea salt. It is obtained through natural evaporation of sea water in warm regions. Thanks to the combined effect of wind and sun, a salt crust is formed, which is harvested after the summer. Sea salt is characterized by a naturally coarse grain size. The richness of minerals and trace elements awards the salt a very intense taste. In our BRC and IFS certified production sites, the raw sea salt is processed (washed, dried, sieved, crushed) in order to obtain different high quality salts. Guaranteeing the quality of our salts is vital, that is why ZOUTMAN has invested in high-performance installations, such as optical cleaning machines, to exclude the natural impurities typical of sea salt, which results in very
pure white salts.


Store dry.
Shelf life minimum 3 years after production date.

Sea salt...

  • is produced ecologically
  • is rich in essential minerals and trace elements
  • is available in various grain sizes
  • is also available without additives
  • has a high gastronomic value and is ideal for all kitchen uses
  • is a strong marketing tool
  • is a one-to-one replacement for traditional kitchen salt
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Typical grain size

200-800 µm


  • BRC
  • IFS
  • Kosher


MARSEL® fine sea salt is ideal for all kitchen uses.


Technical specifications and safety data sheet

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