SAFE ROAD SALT BULK, de-icing salt bulk

De-icing salt bulk available in different qualities according to the required specifications.

  • Wet or dried de-icing salt
  • Different grain sizes (0-1 mm / 1-3 mm / 0-5 mm/ 1-5 mm / 0-6 mm / 0-10 mm)
  • Fine or coarse pure white de-icing salt for brine production
  • Coarse salt for silo storage (minimal dust formation)
  • De-icing salt with a specific quantity of anticaking agent
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Typical grain size

  • 0-1 mm
  • 1-3 mm
  • 0-5 mm
  • 1-5 mm
  • 0-6 mm
  • 0-10 mm


  • AFNOR NF P98-180
  • BS 3247-2011
  • ASTM D632
  • TL-Streu
  • CROW


De-icing salt to keep roads, parking lots, sidewalks,… ice-free.
Appropriate for preventive as well as curative use.


Technical specifications and safety data sheet

Please fill in your client number to have access to the technical specification and safety data sheet of this product. If you don’t have a client number, please send an e-mail to

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